Pelvic Support Problems

Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment for Pelvic Support Problems

As women age, their pelvic organs change. Over the years, pregnancy, childbirth, heavy lifting or other causes can stretch and damage the tissue that holds pelvic organs in place. When this happens, organs such as the uterus or bladder may drop and push against the vagina. This condition is known as “prolapse.”

Prolapse causes a feeling of pelvic pressure or heaviness. Many women describe it as “feeling like something is falling out of the vagina.” In fact, the vagina itself may drop and protrude. Along with the discomfort it causes, prolapse also can result in loss of bladder control.

Treatment options for prolapse can vary, depending on the organs involved.

Talk with Dr. Morrison if you are experiencing prolapse or other pelvic support problems. He will work with you to diagnose your condition and help determine the best surgical or non-surgical treatment to repair or reconstruct your pelvic floor.